Operation Solar Install !!

His House of Hope is now a solar powered hospital! So many generous and creative people have contributed to making this a reality. Thank you to everyone who has been involved. We hope these photos allow you to share in the joy of what this means for the orphans, women, children and families of the Yei community. Martin Dingemanse and

South Sudan - uncertain border

Rumours of war?!?!

South Sudan is back in the news, with tensions simmering along its border with the north. Villages are being bombed; soldiers are on the move and there are some reports of war being declared. Many people have been asking us whether these tensions will affect our plans to serve amongst the people of South Sudan. The quick answer is ‘no’

Helping hands

Can we raise $50 000 in 4 weeks to benefit the people of South Sudan?

Quite a few people have asked what is the most strategic way to help His House of Hope financially. Well, here is an answer! One off donations to the solar power project in the next 4 weeks would be a really strategic investment! There is $30 000 of money that has been made available for the solar power project but

Hands on grass

“Salaam! Ita kweis?”

  A common question we get asked is, ‘Do you have to learn a language when you go to South Sudan?” The answer? “Yes and no!”   No – because one of South Sudan’s official languages is English and the children are educated in English, so the children and a number of adults speak at least some English.  Also there