Fun Fun Fun!

Amidst the struggles of mission in a country like South Sudan, we are given glimpses of God’s creativity and zest for life! It truly is a privilege to be in a trusting relationship with the One True God, our Creator, Saviour, Father and Friend! He loves us in so many ways – and enjoying His creation with Him is one of our favourite things to do


We found this little guy in the Labour Ward one day and decided “home with the kids” would be much more fun for him!

We came up with a few names – “Camo” was the rough and tumble guy version; “Snowpea” was the vote from the ladies.

He explored our home; he ate a few mosquitoes; and he seemed quite happy to “hang with the boys”! He stayed with us for several days until Caleb wanted to release him “back to the wild where he should be living”.



This little birdie flew in for an afternoon.


Amazingly trusting of our crazy kids!



Wet season in Central Equatoria!

Good fun!





We thank God for these special experiences – unexpected privileges of life on the mission field!


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