‘He’s Jesus’

You may think being a doctor in South Sudan is remote and challenging. But it is nothing compared to what Dr Tom faces in Nuba. Read here to find out more.


Over the past twelve months, the Lord has been connecting us more and more with the people of the Nuba mountains. Displaced families from Nuba who are now living in Yei; Nuban patients presenting at His House of Hope; students at the nearby secondary school; Nuban pastors whom we have met in East Africa; South Sudanese who have served with ‘Dr Tom’ in Nuba;¬†and friends who are considering serving in Yida, the nearest refugee camp to the Nuba mountains.


We continue to thank the Lord for His great love for all the peoples of the earth Рparticularly the oppressed, the broken, the marginalised, the forgotten. May the Lord protect, strengthen and honour the people of the Nuba Mountains. May we all find ways to do the same.


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